Ho Ho Ho Y’all!

You have found the website for Marc Schaefgen’s Merry Christmas from Austin!┬áTwelve all original songs written and mostly performed by yours truly. Of course just like Ringo, I had a little help from my friends. Don’t let the first track fool you, this isn’t necessarily a country music record. It just kicks off with a driving country tune, then on to a blues, then some reggae, a little folk, back to another country, and so on. You get the gist, this is a multi-genre record influenced by all of the music that floats across my transom whilst living here in the good ‘ol ATX.

So kick back, grab some corn, string it on a thread, and wrap it around a tree. And while you do, throw this record into your Holiday playlist and enjoy! Oh… and don’t forget the egg nog. ­čÖé

Peace. Love. Harmony. Dig it!


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Drums – Michael Kopp (1, 6, 8, 9, 11), Chip Vayenas (7, 12)
Upright Bass – Bruce Hughes (4, 8), John Fremgen (7, 12)
Piano – Dave Glassco (9), Jeff Hellmer (7)
Banjo – Mitch Watkins (12)
Harmonica – Jimmy Lee (2)
Alto Sax┬á – Scott Benner (7), Zachary Varner (7)
Tenor Sax – Steven Vague (7)
Baritone Sax – Joey Colarusso (7)
Trombone – Paul Deemer (7 (soloist)), 12), Randy Zimmerman (7)
Bass Trombone – Kerry Williams (7)
Clarinet – Zachary Varner (12)
Trumpet – Steve Hawk (7), Eric Johnson (7), Curtis Calderon (7)
Cornet – Curtis Calderon (12)
Vocals – Phillipidon (3), Sabrina M Cummings (7), Cookie Marie Williams (7), Elliot Wade (7),┬áBruce Hughes (8), Michael Kopp (8)

All other instruments and vocals performed by Marc Schaefgen


Recorded and Mixed at Satellite Studio, Austin TX by Marc Schaefgen
Tracks 7 and 12 Recorded at Arlyn Studios, Austin TX by Stuart Sullivan and Jacob Sciba
Mastered by Michael Hynes at Nomatic Studio
All songs written by Marc Schaefgen, arrangements for tracks 7 and 12 by Paul Baker
Artwork by Richard Guinan : Assembled by Dave Glassco
Special Thanks: Dave Glassco, Michael Kopp, Bruce Hughes, Paul Baker, The Schaefgen / Hoover Clan

Dedicated to the loving memory of Kathryn Schaefgen


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