Santa X-ing

Santa in the Headlights was a song that came to me as many do, in the shower. Not sure what it is about the shower, but I write more lyrics in there than you’d probably care to imagine. Anywho, I knew right away it was gonna be a country song, the lyrics just kinda pushed it in that direction. I’m not a country artist by a long-shot, but it definitely is in the musical soup that is Austin. I thought it was energetic and a bit catchy so I kicked the album off with it.

I hope people don’t think because it is the first tune, that the whole album is country. There’s a bit of something in there for everyone. Check out Merry Christmas from Austin, and tell me what you think!

I Can Haz Santa!

Came across this while looking for Christmas photos from the past. Kitty in a box, batting at a ceramic Santa. Nutmeg loved this time of year. “So much stuff to play with and I get to bug mom while she’s baking!” Good times… yeah, good times.

Oh yeah, I have a Christmas album out, just in case you haven’t heard yet. Merry Christmas from Austin is chock full o’ Christmas-y goodness. Available at your favorite online music store, streaming service, or here if you want a CD.

Santa Brings a Guitar!

So before this photo I was going to be a coder. This is where it all went wrong. A no good stinking musician was forged with iron, steel, and braun! What a gift though. It just goes to show that with enough nagging and persistence, you can guilt your parents into buying you anything!

Check out my new release Merry Christmas from Austin. Available at all fine online outlets. Throw back some Christmas cheer, decorate that tree, and listen to me!