The Story

In October, 2014 I royally messed up my back/neck. I was going to the chiropractor three times a week. While passing time in the waiting room during December, I noticed the Christmas music was fairly dated. Not a bad thing, very nostalgic, tied to old memories, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was a lack of new music in this space. The new stuff I heard, I didn’t particularly care for, maybe because it didn’t have that nostalgia? Not sure, but it lead me to boast to the ladies in the office that I should do a Christmas album. Sure Marc, you do that. 

The following year I was down to two visits a week to the Chiropractor. Again, the music didn’t change, and I boasted once again. Sure Marc, you do that.

By 2015 it was one visit per week. And actually by the end of January I had wrapped up my Chiropractic adventure, still continuing with message therapy to this day, which is a good thing. But I digress. Again with the boasting… sure Marc, you do that. 

December 31st, 2015 came along and that day I wrote three tunes, mostly completed in a weird whirlwind stream of consciousness type of vibe. So at that point it was on. Could I write, record, and release 12 all original Christmas songs within a year? No. No I couldn’t. This was a pet project of mine, not commissioned or anything I was getting paid for. In fact quite the opposite as it cost some money. Luckily for me I work in a studio, and so my downtime is my playtime, and that just costs me time. 

So, I mostly wrote for about four months before even starting to think about production. It was then I realized that to get an album released before Christmas, I had to finish it in like June, July at the latest. So I realized that 2016 wasn’t going to be the year. I slowed the bus to a comfortable speed and kept on chugging with a new production end date of June-ish, 2017. 

By the end of June I had twelve songs, in various genres, mixed and ready for mastering. Due to budget constraints I had to rely mostly on my musical abilities. I brought in some trusty old friends to help where I couldn’t cut it, for the jazz tunes I had to dig a bit deeper. Luckily I have some connections and those connections are connected and so forth.

Merry Christmas from Austin is a reflection of my childhood. As I grew older I realized that not everyone had the ‘Rockwellian’ Christmas experience I had. So with this album I decided to impart some of that experience by telling the stories of our family Christmas. Of course artistic liberty was taken, my mom didn’t really drive Santa’s sleigh, but she would have if he needed it. I grew up in the great white north of Wisconsin, but I thought since the music reflected the Austin vibe, so should the lyrics. 

So I hope you enjoy this nugget of Christmas cheer. Crank up the tunes as you decorate your tree, throw back some nog, and share that vibe with the ones you love. 

Peace. Love. Harmony. Dig it!